Casco Automobile Lighter Fuses 1952 Thru 1962

These are specifically for General Motors Corporation automobiles from the late 1940’s thru 1962. I have two Casco catalog numbers, L-1 and L-3.

The L-1 automobile lighter fuse fits Pontiac, all models thru 1962. Buick, all panel lighters thru 1952 and “Special” series 1953. Buick and Cadillac rear seat lighters, when equipped with bayonet lock fuse, models thru 1952 and Buick “Special” series 1953.

The L-3 automobile lighter fuse fits Buick, panel lighters on Super and Roadmaster only for 1953, all models 1954 thru 1962. Buick and Cadillac, rear seat lighters when equipped with bayonet lock fuse. Buick, Super and Roadmaster series 1953. All models 1954 thru 1962. Cadillac models 1953 thru 1962. 

These units are priced at $10.00 each.

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