1953 Bel Air

This is a customers car I did about a year ago. This was an all original 1953 Bel Air 4 door 235ci 6 cylinder with a Powerglide transmission showing less than 90,000 miles on the clock. It had been sitting about 20 years. After a complete tune-up, cap, rotor, points, cond., wires, and plugs, a carburetor rebuild, the old motor ran really well. I installed a new 6 volt battery, battery cables, and rebuilt the starter. Fresh oil, filter, and new oil lines were next. I did a complete brake job that included new, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses, hard lines, shoes, springs, and drums. I installed new, fuel pump, tank, sending unit, and gas cap. I refurbished four 15″X7″ GM ralley wheel and new, GoodYear tires, disc brake center caps, and all new lug nuts. After a whole new exhaust system, it was ready for the road.
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